We hope to be able to make updates here during our trip this year. All contacts should be with FP/K9OT. QSL via homecall. Direct w/return postage or current IRC, one greenstamp, or one euro. LOTW and Club Log are working for CW and sideband contacts. Hopefully no paper logs this trip! (Mission accomplished!)

03 August 2011 1400z - We are now QRT after a great trip, with well over 4100 mostly-CW QSOs. Pretty good for the conditions! Logs are all uploaded. We can do corrections after we get home from the Maritime DX Forum on Saturday in Halifax. All this is depending on the plane flight from Miquelon back to St. Pierre this afternoon, as the ferry workers are on strike. With the often foggy conditions here, the ferry is more dependable than the plane. We need to connect with the flight back to Sydney on Thursday morning.

30 July 2011 1740z - Logs are uploaded through the start of the IOTA contest. The 80/160m antenna is not working on 160, so that will be a disappointment to Top Band fans. Paul is doing a single-op effort 80-10m, not a multi-op as previously announced. Peg will be on 17m and 12m sideband until the contest is over. Weather has been better than last year with less fog, but still cooler than normal.

26 July 2011 0940z - Internet connection has been shaky. I try to do the LOTW and Club Log uploads every day after 0000z but that doesn't always work out. We have added the 40m vertical to the antenna farm. Paul has made some VK, ZL and JA operators very happy, among others. He tried 12m CW and was surprised to get about 75 contacts. The higher bands are harder from FP. Peg has had two good runs on 20m sideband and a few on 12m. Conditions are weak with much QSB most of the time. We are going sightseeing today with a rental car from the motel. There is one farm on the islands and we like to visit it when we are here. The farmer, Thierry, likes to talk sheep and dogs with us. They have a U-pick strawberry operation that isn't ready to pick yet, due to the unseasonably cold weather so far. Very different from the heat wave back home.

23 July 2011 1225z - Paul has been computer-logging on 30m and it appears to be working fine. Logs for both operators up to 0001z today were successfully uploaded to LOTW and Club Log. Antenna for 12 & 17 is being put up now.

22 July 2011 1402z - We made it to Miquelon on the morning ferry and Patricia from Motel de Miquelon met us at the wharf. After a grocery run, we are working on antennas, with 20 meters first. Paul's FT-890 does not want to turn, on so he will be using the brand-new Icom IC-7000 we won at the W9DXCC convention last year.

15 June 2011 2230z - Our passports have been renewed. The plane and hotel reservations have been made. The farmsitters are eager to start spoiling the dogs and sheep (thanks, Kathy and Al). Paul has started packing. Peg just has to make the new laptops work right.

18 May 2011 0325z - The 2011 webpage is ready to go. It will be updated as needed.